Current Program Highlights

CAST & Cambodia’s Ag Ministry Partner to Promote Farm-Raised Fish & Economic Recovery
WISHH’s USB Initiative Speeds Protein Progress in Emerging Markets
AMPLIFIES Ghana Launching 3rd Egg Consumption Survey

WISHH’s AMPLIFIES Ghana Partner Progresses During COVID-19

Sesi Technologies Ltd, a strategic partner in WISHH’s USDA Food for Progress project in Ghana, exemplifies the resilience of WISHH partners to continue progress at the same time they take action to prevent COVID-19 exposures. CEO Isaac Sesi has updated

WISHH Develops African Aquaculture Feed Sectors

WISHH continues to drive demand for soy by supporting the growth of the aquaculture industries in Ghana, Senegal and Kenya. Early this year, WISHH sent technical experts to these African countries to advise on farm management, fish health, and feed

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