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WISHH Field Day Showcases Cambodia’s First In-Pond Aquaculture Raceway
ASA Ebean: WISHH’s USB Initiative Builds on USDA-Funded Market Assessments in Africa
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Global Aquaculture Academy launches in-pond raceway system (IPRS) course

The Global Aquaculture Academy has officially launched a new online course outlining the implementation process of in-pond raceway systems (IPRS) for pond aquaculture cultivation, as well as the technology’s benefits, equipment needed, production figures, and more. The course is comprised of a series of

International Food Security Assessment, 2019-29

In 14 out of 76 countries, more than 50 percent of their populations were estimated to be food insecure in 2019. Eight of those countries are in Central and East Africa, one in West and Southern Africa each, and three

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