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WorldFish and ASA/WISHH Publish First Comprehensive Survey on Sustainable Aquaculture in Cambodia

ASA/WISHH has co-authored a peer-reviewed journal article with experts at WorldFish and Michigan State University. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems has published the study, which is the first comprehensive survey of Cambodia’s aquaculture value chain.

This paper analyzes the status and performances of Cambodian aquaculture farms and their allied industries. It highlights the potential for aquaculture to grow, support livelihoods, and contribute to food security in that country. The authors include WorldFish experts Olivier M. Joffre, Ph.D., Sarah Freed, Ph.D., and Shwu Jiau Teoh along with Michigan State University Associate Professor of Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics Ben Belton. WISHH’s contributors include: Director of Monitoring & Evaluation James Bernhardt and Commercialization of Aquaculture for Sustainable Trade (CAST) Project Deputy Chief of Party Sambath Sak.

Cambodia is home to the world’s fifth-largest inland fishery. Aquaculture plays an important role in meeting demand for fish and providing employment opportunities in rural communities.

The article highlights the following constraints to sustainable aquaculture development in Cambodia.

  • Limited access to water on farms
  • High price of feed and poor quality of fingerlings
  • Limited regulation and lack of enforcement of the import of fish and fingerlings from neighboring countries
  • Lack of a regulatory framework to control the quality of domestic farmed fish products
  • Affordability of aquaculture fish to low-income consumers
  • Feeding practices are still heavily dependent on small-sized fish from capture fisheries

To achieve the transformation of the aquaculture sector, several interventions are required, among which the use of formulated feeds is key. Widespread adoption of formulated feeds by fish producers should be facilitated by increasing access to good quality pelleted feed at competitive prices – a key goal of WISHH’s CAST Cambodia Aquaculture project.

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