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ZFS Creston Soy Flour Sales Grow through ASA/WISHH Work in Central America and Africa

ASA/WISHH has created new Central American and African customers for ZFS Creston’s soy flour. While leveraging QSSB and USDA Foreign Agricultural Service funds in 2018, ASA/WISHH identified multiple demand-building opportunities for ZFS Creston soy flour in Central America with companies that are already customers or are potential customers. In 2019, new Central American soy flour orders are rolling. One new ZFS Creston customer alone imports 20 tons of ZFS Creston soy flour a month. They produce fortified beverages and other products with the soy flour.

ASA/WISHH is laying the foundation for even more sales through educational programs like a July 2019 seminar on the importance of soy for cost-effective meals that play a vital role in meeting protein needs of children and adults. Food companies as well as nutrition leaders joined the training. A key government official who attended reported that the seminar expanded his view of soy, which he had previously perceived as a supplement. As a result of the seminar, he said that he recognizes that soy is an important protein source for daily diets and that it can help Guatemala overcome nutritional deficiencies that are prevalent in the country.

WISHH is preparing to provide further training to the Guatemalan companies that are vital to the supply chain for U.S. soy in Central America. WISHH has selected key company representatives to attend the INTSOY training at the Northern Crops Institute in Fargo in August. The course will explore new ideas for soy-based foods, including snack foods as well as concepts for animal feed.
In Africa, ASA/WISHH’s Ugandan strategic partner is another new customer to ZFS Creston. SESACO foods and beverages company has purchased ZFS Creston soy flour to bring the nutritional power of soy protein to breads, beverages, school meals and more.

University of Illinois Assistant Professor of Nutrition Juan Andrade, Ph.D., provided important information about the benefits of soy for children and adults in WISHH’s July seminar in Guatemala. Educational seminars are one of a variety of strategies WISHH employs to connect trade and development. Photo credit: Theresa Fang

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