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WISHH to Feature Kansas State Expert in Virtual Feed Safety Training

ASA/WISHH will offer virtual trainings for Asian and African feed mill manufacturers as well as their staffs and customers to gain expertise for improved feed safety and manufacturing on June 15. WISHH’s 60-minute “Animal Feed Safety in Developing and Emerging Markets” webinars will feature Carlos Campabadal, Ph.D. from Kansas State University’s IGP.

WISHH appreciates the Kansas Soybean Commission support for these webinar training sessions. Campabadal will narrate a virtual tour of IGP’s newly remodeled feed mill as well as share additional insights that will support these feed manufacturers with skills and knowledge that can lead to an increase in demand for U.S. soy.

To accommodate time zone differences, WISHH is hosting the webinar for African participants at 9 am Central and at 9 p.m. Central for Asian attendees. Participants will learn why safe animal feed is important, gain understanding of the risks associated in feed manufacturing as well as biosecurity in feed manufacturing, information for feed mills and operations to improve feed safety and biosecurity.

Campabadal is a faculty member of the Department of Grain Science and Industry at Kansas State University’s IGP Institute. IGP focuses on outreach in the areas of grain storage, quality and processing, U.S. grain grading and export systems, and feed manufacturing. In 2020, the IGP Institute hosted 1,308 participants in 69 courses, and reached an additional 4,171 through workshops, research, and presentations for a total of 5,479 people from 45 countries. Before his graduate studies, Campabadal worked in his family feed mill company also has experience in animal farm management in beef cattle and swine farms.

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