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West African Poultry Farmer Prefers U.S. Soybean Meal

From left, WISHH Chair Roberta Simpson-Dolbeare and WISHH Treasurer Bob Haselwood speak with Ghanaian poultry producer Mathew Bonso who adopted grain quality testing equipment and more as a result of working with WISHH through its USDA Food for Progress Project.

ASA’s WISHH recognizes May as Trade Month by highlighting its work connecting trade and development with Mathew Bonso, owner of a 50,000-bird flock in Ghana.  “I prefer U.S. soy because I learned about its quality through WISHH,” says Bonso.

Shortly after he founded Harimat Farms in 2018, Bonso began working with WISHH through its U.S. Department of Agriculture Food for Progress Project. He credits WISHH’s feed quality training, egg nutrition campaign and more as key to the management and profitability of his farm. Bonso reports the knowledge he gained helped his business remain resilient even as the pandemic disrupted Ghana’s egg and poultry markets as well as overall economy.

Harimat Farms owner Mathew Bonso prefers U.S. soy for his feed rations because WISHH introduced him to its quality.

He increased his knowledge of feed and poultry production as a result of WISHH trade teams allowing him to receive training at the University of Georgia and participate in the global poultry event, International Production and Processing Expo, held in Atlanta.
Today, WISHH continues to work with Bonso and other Ghanaian poultry farmers. Bonso is expanding into broiler production.

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