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ASA/WISHH Hosts Aquaculture Trainings for Nigerian Producers

Nigerian fish farmers and feed millers gained science-based knowledge to improve their fish feeding practices and profitability.

In preparation for World Fisheries Day on Nov. 21, ASA’s World Initiative for Soy in Human Health Program shares how it is leading aquaculture growth in sub-Saharan Africa.

WISHH launched a training program for fish producers in Nigeria in October that builds on WISHH’s regional aquaculture strategy in West Africa.  With USDA Agriculture Trade Promotion funding, WISHH led trainings and workshops that deliver basic aquaculture science ranging from populating ponds with correct numbers of fish to proper feed management. WISHH’s trainings are designed to improve fish survival rates, farm efficiency, and post-harvest marketing; all are key to increased profits for these producers, who are an important foundation for the Nigerian aquaculture industry. Likewise, WISHH delivered sound science during a two-day training session for staff of a leading feed miller that sells feed throughout Nigeria.  As a result, these newly trained employees are prepared to offer extension services as they share improved knowledge with their customers.

“This is an exciting time,” noted WISHH aquaculture consultant Jeff Terhune, “and the key is getting good, sound, science-based knowledge to these farmers and feed millers.”

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