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GrainMate, a valuable moisture meter that helps farmers improve their feed rations.

WISHH’s AMPLIFIES Ghana Partner Progresses During COVID-19

Sesi Technologies Ltd, a strategic partner in WISHH’s USDA Food for Progress project in Ghana, exemplifies the resilience of WISHH partners to continue progress at the same time they take action to prevent COVID-19 exposures. CEO Isaac Sesi has updated WISHH on how the West African company benefited from collaborating with WISHH through the USDA-funded Assisting in the Management of Poultry and Layer Industries with Feed Improvement and Efficiency Strategies (AMPLIFES) Ghana Project.

The award-winning Sesi company markets and trains farmers on the GrainMate moisture meter, which is a valuable tool for poultry farmers who worked with AMPLIFIES to improve the quality of their feed rations. GrainMate sells for $100 as compared to $200 for similar products available on the sub-Saharan market

“We’ve made it possible for farmers and other users who currently have a GrainMate Moisture Meter to easily call our support lines when they need any guidance or support,” says Sesi of the company’s COVID-19 procedures. “Most of the time, we are able to resolve any issues that they face.

“We’ve also been engaging with key stakeholders like the farmer-based organizations that these farmers are part of to discuss ways to make the technology more accessible to their members,” he adds. “Farms like EvansJoes and other AMPLIFIES beneficiaries have also been good ambassadors for the technology and in helping to convince other poultry farmers within the farmer-based-organization to adopt the technology.”

Furthermore, Sesi is building on AMPLIFIES work by bringing the GrainMate to farmers in the communities where AMPLIFIES set up grain warehouses. Sesi is also advancing on further development and testing of business models that are feasible for smallholder farmers and their organizations as well as pursuing distribution partnerships. They are also making changes to the technology to meet the highest international standards.

“Media coverage that we got from WISHH is still bringing in a lot of leads and other interested partners both outside and within the country,” says Sesi. “We’re also able to get valuable insights and ideas from the farmers that were impacted during the WISHH programs and these ideas have been helpful in figuring out sustainable business models for the technology.”

WISHH is proud to work with entrepreneurs like Isaac and others at Sesi whose commitment supports the resilience of Ghanaian farmers during this time.

See Sesi in an AMPLIFIES video HERE.

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