WISHH Perspectives

WISHH & In-Country Teams Prepare for More Progress

ASA Director Daryl Cates (center) discusses the latest U.S. soybean production practices with WISHH’s Asia in-country representatives who plan to share the information in emerging and developing markets.

ASA’s World Initiative for Soy in Human Health Program is leading training for in-country representatives during the week of Oct. 3 as WISHH prepares for more progress in its work in 28 countries across Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. WISHH in-country representatives from Cambodia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka joined in-person while the other regions participate online.

Discussions kicked off with an update on WISHH’s strategic plan and best practices to engage U.S. soy exporters in WISHH’s developing and emerging markets. A highlight of the week was a visit to ASA Director Daryl Cates’ Illinois farm during harvest. Cates updated the group on how soybean growers’ actions on the farm contribute to high-quality, sustainable and safe supplies of soy protein.

WISHH also discussed plans for future trade teams, travel, contracting and compliance as well as monitoring and evaluation. A discussion on marketing, branding and promotion generated new ideas for WISHH’s unified messaging across all three continents.

From Left: WISHH in-country representatives: Sambath Sak (Cambodia); Athula Mahagamage (Sri Lanka); ASA Director Daryl Cates; Thae Ei Phyu and Rick Chase (Myanmar) joined Cates at his farm as part of WISHH’s training for its in-country representatives.

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