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ASA/WISHH CAST Cambodia Partner Team Meets in St. Louis

ASA’s WISHH program hosted Cambodia-based staff and international subcontractors in St. Louis this week to plan the roll out of the ASA/WISHH USDA-funded Commercialization of Aquaculture for Sustainable Trade (CAST) activities for 2020-23. Present at the meeting were representatives from World Vision, Kansas State University, Auburn University and key WISHH…

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New Foods, Partnership, Trade & Soy Much More

What better way to celebrate April as Soyfoods month than to salute the inspirational SESACO foods and beverages company in Uganda. SESACO brings the nutritional power of soy protein to breads, beverages, school meals and more. This month, the continuously innovating ASA/WISHH strategic partner introduced frozen soy dessert, a first…

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U.S. Access to Mexico Market in Question

President Trump threatened, via Twitter, to close the southern border of Mexico on Friday. While ASA is not taking a position on the border wall, ASA is concerned with the President’s statements, as a closing of the border could severely disrupt trade and the flow of agriculture products. Mexico is…

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Cambodian Animal Feed Millers Receive Technical Assistance

ASA WISHH organized an animal feed workshop this week in Cambodia, providing technical assistance to local feed millers in an effort to help them grow the animal production industry with U.S. soy. Around 20 feed millers and swine producers attended the workshop, which covered quality control, mixing, pelleting and cooling.…

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