New WISHH Video Shares Results: WISHH Connects Trade and Development

ConnectingTradeandDevelopment (3)

ASA/WISHH’s new 2017 annual report video features the experiences of four U.S. soybean farmers and two WISHH supply chain partners who describe WISHH’s results in Africa, Asia and Latin America. WISHH Chairman Daryl Cates (IL), Vice Chairman Levi Huffman (IN), Committee Member David Lueck (MO) and ASA/USSEC Director Monte Peterson (ND) share their views on how WISHH connects trade and development through its “trailblazer for trade” activities. Watch the video below for their interviews and information on WISHH’s record level of 20 QSSBs supporting its work in 2017. QSSB support of WISHH has risen steadily since 2009 to a 2017 high of nearly $1.2 million. WISHH leverages soybean grower checkoff investments by a ratio of more than 6-1 as a result of winning non-checkoff funding from outside donors, such as the government, and partnering with international food and feed processing companies and other organizations.

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