Staff & Consultants

Meet Our Staff

Ryan Findlay


Jim Hershey

Executive Director

Vickie Wilks

Chief Operating Officer

Liz Hare

Deputy Director

Eric DeMerit

Program Administrator & Logistics Coordinator

Marypat Corbett

Program Specialist

Ashlee Rolo

Program Assistant

Erica Morrow

Project Director, AMPLIFIES

James Bernhardt

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, AMPLIFIES

Josh Neiderman

Regional Director, Africa

Chris Slemp

Program Manager, Africa

Alan Poock

Director, Asia Division

Country Project Officers

Fradbelin Escarraman

Regional Representative, Central America

R.S.N. Janjua

Country Representative, Pakistan

Masum Reja

Country Representative, Bangladesh

Ligaya Diaz

Chief of Party, Ghana

Mamadou Djibril Bousso

WISHH Francophone Africa Consultant

Core Consultants

Karen Coble Edwards, KCE Public Affairs Associates

Provides WISHH with strategic counsel and services to increase awareness of the benefits of soy protein in developing country diets. Works closely with the WISHH staff, WISHH public relations committee, soy industry representatives as well as private voluntary organizations and other stakeholders. Contact Karen Coble Edwards at

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