Strategic Plan


The American Soybean Association’s World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (WISHH) program embarked on a facilitated strategic planning exercise from May-December 2014, in order to develop a comprehensive five year strategic plan.  Created in 2000 by state soybean grower organizations, WISHH proposed a process to review all aspects of the program for continued success on behalf of its membership by growing opportunities through the introduction and use of soy products in developing markets.

The WISHH Committee expects this strategic plan to propel the program toward further success and position the program to proactively meet changing needs, goals and development opportunities in a cost-effective, targeted manner.   The plan has been developed as a living document.  Challenges and opportunities to WISHH and the overall goals of the program will evolve over time, and therefore, call for the flexibility to respond to these fluid issues.  However, the information outlined in this document provides the groundwork for WISHH going forward in its efforts related to its mission.

Core Values

Core values shape and energize the efforts of the WISHH program. The core values of WISHH are:


Strengthen customer supply chains enhancing nutrition, economic growth and food security.


Strive to exceed stakeholder expectations.

 Alliance Building

Commit to building mutually beneficial coalitions with other organizations to facilitate progress.


Create collaborative solutions and partnerships that strengthen opportunities and address challenges.

Strategic Goals

The World Initiative for Soy in Human Health program finds the following strategic goals critical to meet the objectives of the WISHH mission and vision and true to the core values of its members.  In December 2014, the WISHH Committee endorsed six strategic priorities identified through the planning process.

The goals are to:

  • Revise the process to identify and prioritize emerging markets for program efforts based on criteria and key components related to the mission and vision of WISHH.
  • Build strategic partnerships with industry through increased participation and better understanding of the value WISHH contributes in the long-term market development of soy in emerging markets.
  • Develop regional market development plans with specific goals (opportunities/constraints) for each market.
  • Define, refine and communicate confidently and without hesitation a “Vision & Voice” of WISHH, an inner voice of the mission and vision, developed through reflection and practice.
  • Enhance stability and overall management through the assessment, articulation and support of base human resource needs for WISHH, and consider recruitment, retention and succession of these resources.
  • Develop strategies and systems to emphasize strong, consistent financial resources and their management.


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