Soybean Growers from 11 States to Lead ASA/WISHH in 2018-2019

ASA President John Heisdorffer confirmed 14 fellow soybean growers from across the nation to lead the ASA/WISHH Program Committee in 2018-2019. Officers are: Chairman Daryl Cates (IL), Vice Chair Gerry Hayden (KY)), Treasurer Jim Wilson (MI), and Secretary Roberta Simpson-Dolbeare (IL). New WISHH Committee Members include: Craig Converse (SD), David Lueck (MO), and Craig Williams (IN). Tim Bardole (IA), Daryl Cates (IL), Roberta Simpson-Dolbeare (IL), Kurt Maurath (KS) and Dawn Scheier (SD) are returning for additional terms on the WISHH Committee. They join existing Members: Gerry Hayden (ASA-KY), Bill Wykes (IL), Jim Wilson (MI) Matt Gast (ND), George Goblish (MN), and Jeff Magyar (OH). David Williams (USB-MI) and Ed Beaman (U.S. Soybean Export Council) serve as ex-officio representatives to ASA/WISHH. Heisdorffer also praised the leadership of outgoing Committee Members Stan Born (IL) Ryan Cahoon (NC), Levi Huffman (IN), and Thomas Kentner (IL), Steve Reinhard (OH) and Jeff Lynn (IL). “Service on the ASA/WISHH Program Committee benefits all U.S. soybean growers by connecting trade and development in countries that have some of the fastest-growing populations in the world,” Heisdorffer said. “WISHH is creating customers for U.S. soy in livestock feeds and human foods in developing markets in Asia, Africa and Central America where the demand for soy protein is on the rise.”

CommitteeFullStandingJuly2018WISHH Committee members for 2018-2019. Front row, from left: George Goblish (MN), Jim Wilson (MI), Chair Daryl Cates (IL) Secretary Roberta Simpson-Dolbeare (IL), Vice Chair Gerry Hayden (KY), Dawn Scheier (SD), Deputy Director Liz Hare, and Tim Bardole (IA). Back row, from left: Executive Director Jim Hershey, Kurt Maurath (KS), Jeff Magyar (OH), Bill Wykes (IL), David Lueck (MO), David Williams (MI) Craig Converse (SD), Ed Beaman (USSEC) and Craig Williams (IN). Not shown: Matt Gast (ND).

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