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These tools & calculators were developed by The Cutting Edge (TCE Consulting Group, Inc.). Please direct any questions to Cade Fields-Gardner.

Recipe Development Calculator

This tool was developed to support work by processors to meet both cost and nutritional criteria for their products that target specific or general populations.

The tool will assist in comparing recipes for nutritional and cost attributes.

Before starting, please download and review the instruction sheets.

The first part of the instruction sheet will walk you through the process of entering recipe ingredients and costs.

The second part of the instruction sheet will walk you though the process of changing the criteria, target populations, and guideline to compare against the recipe content.

Download the Recipe Development Master Spreadsheet in Excel DocumentXLS


Foods chosen to include in the ingredients list include common cereals/grains, soy products, other protein sources, other common ingredients, and unnamed ingredients (that you can add).

The nutrients entered were gathered from a number of sources, including the USDA nutrient database, the Canadian nutrient database, and publications from nutrient composition of foods published in Kenya, Ethiopia, and the United States.

The nutrient comparisons for targeted populations (by age and gender) were also gathered from a number of sources, including the World Health Organization and recommendations from the Institute of Medicine in Washington DC.

The criteria for fortified blended food products was taken from the World Food Programme’s 2008 publication.

Food Basket Calculator

This workbook was created to assist in building food baskets to meet the nutrient requirements of targeted families and other beneficiaries of direct distribution programs. There are several elements contained in the worksheets, including worksheets to fill in and worksheets to do the calculations to determine if the food basket meets program needs. The instructions below will take you through the process in a stepwise fashion.

Download the Instructions and Spreadsheet for the Food Basket CalculatorPDF

Before you begin, it may be helpful to save the workbook with the project or proposal name. Save the original workbook as the master that you can access for other projects in the future. Once you have saved it to enter in information, you can begin to enter information that will allow the workbook to calculate both the calorie and protein needs for the beneficiary units (families or individuals) and to compare commodities you may choose to provide as a part of the food basket and beneficiary needs.

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