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ASA Provides Technical Assistance to Myanmar Tofu Companies

Dr. Suresh Itapu, a soyfood technical consultant, is spending the week in Myanmar providing technical assistance and follow-up support to the tofu companies on the benefits of using U.S. food grade soybeans. The tofu companies were participants of this year’s Quality Samples Program (QSP), where they received seven different varieties…

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ASA/WISHH 2018 Results

ASA/WISHH Shares 2018 Annual Results A new easy-to-review ASA/WISHH annual report shares how WISHH’s activities build demand and drive growth for U.S. soy. With 2018 support of 20 Qualified State Soybean Organizations, WISHH leveraged farmer dollars $6 to 1 over the past five years as it implemented programs like AMPLIFIES…

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U.S. Soy Usage Grows in Ghana

ASA/WISHH Africa Regional Consultant Josh Neiderman met with WISHH West African market development partners, including local manufacturers who are driving growth for U.S. soy protein. Sub-Saharan African companies are working with WISHH to use high-quality U.S. raw soybean ingredients to make locally produced soy-based foods and feeds. Neiderman visited WISHH’s…

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