CAST lands an experienced agricultural development specialist to lead Aquaculture Association Development

The American Soybean Association’s CAST Project has hired Phirum Chet, former Deputy Director of the Cambodian Livestock Raisers, as the Association Development Lead. Phirum comes to CAST with over 20 years’ experience in business training, ag marketing, livestock value chain development and producer association building. He is a seasoned project coordinator and will help CAST deliver technical services to the aquaculture production and marketing industry while building an association that will represent all links in the freshwater aquaculture value chain: inputs to market. His extensive network in the feed industry and other agribusinesses will prove value as CAST helps create an industry led, membership organization that will represent a growing industry far into the future.


Phirum Chet, far left, accompanied U.S. farmer leaders on a WISHH trip to Cambodia to educate about future market potential in early 2019.

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