ASA/WISHH’s M&E Officer travels to Ghana to meet with local staff and stakeholders

James Bernhardt, ASA/WISHH’s Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Officer for the AMPLIFIES Ghana poultry and feed value chain development project recently co-facilitated a three-day Coordination Meeting in Kumasi/Ejisu, Ghana with a key implementing partner, Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA). The purpose of this meeting, which was attended by 27 AMPLIFIES and ADRA staff, was to provide ongoing data collection and reporting training (e.g., Excel, GIS, ODK Collect), discuss and resolve barriers to program implementation, and plan for the project’s upcoming midterm evaluation.

Bernhardt, along with our in country M&E unit (Mensah, Tsikudo, Annankra, Anokye, Davis), participated in a two-day Working Group Meeting with Monitoring, Evaluation and Technical Support Services (METSS) in Accra, Ghana. This organization has been contracted by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to coordinate a mandatory midterm evaluation of AMPLIFIES. This undertaking will include quarterly M&E working group meetings, a data quality assessment (DQA) of current performance indicators, an evaluation of the program’s performance to date, and a number of learning events intended to increase stakeholder awareness about the program.

When asked about the expected outcomes of this project, AMPLIFIES’s Deputy Chief of Party (DCOP) John Asabere shared that, “the success of this project will mean more efficient production of poultry and eggs in Ghana including increased use of high quality soy.”


Members of AMPLIFIES’s M&E unit (Mensah, Tsikudo, Anokye, Davis, Annankra, Bernhardt) are joined by ADRA’s Poultry Technical Officers (PTOs), Post-Harvest Technical Officers (PHTOs), and Credit Officers during a recent two-day Coordination Meeting in Kumasi/Ejisu, Ghana.

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