ASA/WISHH Updates USDA and Program Committee on AMPLIFIES Ghana Project Success

USDA’s Foreign Agriculture Service (FAS) featured ASA/WISHH’s AMPLIFIES Ghana poultry project in a March 12 briefing attended by 13 USDA Office of Capacity Building employees and nine ASA/WISHH Program Committee Members. Executive Director Jim Hershey shared how ASA/WISHH connects trade and development through the USDA-funded project, which is improving Ghana’s poultry feed production capacity and increasing efficiency in poultry value chains that will continue to grow following the conclusion of the five-year project. Ghana’s federal government agencies as well as local townships and the private sector, such as egg seller associations and others, are actively promoting egg consumption. Hershey also shared how U.S. universities are involved in the project, such as Kansas State University’s work with the University of Ghana on poultry feed quality evaluations and laboratories.


ASA/WISHH Program Committee Members (seated at the table) joined 13 USDA Foreign Agricultural Service
employees for a briefing on ASA/WISHH’s AMPLIFIES Ghana Project.
ASA/WISHH Executive Director Jim Hershey presented on how the project benefits both Ghana and U.S. soybean growers.

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