ASA/WISHH Travels to Asia for Trade Servicing Activities

ASA/WISHH Executive Director Jim Hershey and Asia Division Director Alan F. Poock travelled to Cambodia, Vietnam and Bangladesh for trade servicing activities, to start the EMP funded animal feed activities and to meet with the Bangladesh aquaculture industry on future ways to strengthen this growing sector, a major consumer of U.S soybeans.

While in Cambodia, Poock and Hershey met with Mr. Chea Rady of Medivet, who was a trade team member that visited Iowa and the Global Trade Exchange in August. Medivet currently buys U.S. whole soybeans that are extruded into full-fat soybean meal for pig starter feed. The team also met with the Royal University of Agriculture on collaboration for the upcoming animal feed activities. ASA/WISHH has received USDA/FAS Emerging Markets Program funding to implement poultry and swine feeding demonstrations, a feed conference, technical assistance and a trade team to the U.S

After Cambodia, Poock and Hershey travelled to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to meet with USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) Senior Attaché Gerald Smith whose office covers Cambodia. They discussed long term market development and opportunities in animal agriculture and aquaculture in that country.

Bangladesh was the final stop, where USSEC’s Asia-Sub Continent Deputy Regional Lead -ASC, USSEC Vijay Anand and Aquaculture Consultant R. Umakanth joined Hershey and Poock for the meetings. During a program organized by ASA/WISHH and USSEC consultant Masum Reja, the joint ASA/WISHH and USSEC staff met with feed mills, the Bangladesh Shrimp and Fish Foundation, Worldfish and Winrock to gather ideas for future interventions to strengthen the aquaculture industry. These ideas will be developed into a funding proposal that will be submitted to USDA, and which will complement USSEC’s strategies in this large, vibrant and growing market. The Bangladesh meetings are a solid example of the two organizations working together to strengthen the aquaculture sector and markets for U.S. soy.

Funding for this trip is provided by the Iowa Soybean Association and FAS’s Market Access Program.

Rady, Poock and Hershey watch animal feed being loaded onto a customer’s truck at Medivet’s AgriMasters feed plant. ASA/WISHH

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