ASA/WISHH Supports Growth of Aquaculture Feed Industry in Pakistan

The American Soybean Association’s World Initiative for Soy in Human Health program (ASA/WISHH) is currently implementing “FEEDing Pakistan”, a USDA-funded aquaculture project in Pakistan. Since the start of the project in 2011, ASA/WISHH has been working with the aquaculture industry on the development of soy-based feeds. At the start of the project there was no commercial production of soy-based, floating fish feeds in Pakistan. The demand for soy-based fish feed is gradually increasing as fish farmers become aware of the benefits of the soy-based feeds through project activities and learn to utilize the feed properly on their farms.  Under the FEEDing Pakistan project the first soy-based, floating feed mill was established in 2013 in Lahore with ASA/WISHH technical assistance. Growing demand for soy-based feed has spurred investment such that four Pakistani companies are now producing soy-based feed for the growing industry. The newest aquaculture feed mill, Super Punjab Feeds, was started by Mr. Karman Maqsood. Mr. Maqsood invested in the feed mill after receiving ASA/WISHH technical assistance and attending a training at Kansas State University focused on fish feed manufacturing.

pakPicture1ASA/WISHH Country Representative, RSN Janjua, stands with Mr. Saeed ur Rehman, Deputy Director, Punjab Fisheries, Mr. Javed Iqbal, Director, Tawakkal Fish Hatchery, and other departmental officials and fish farmers at the opening of Super Punjab Feeds.

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