ASA/WISHH Participates in Farmer Field Day in Pakistan

The American Soybean Association’s World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (ASA/WISHH) program recently participated in a Farmer Field Day in Pakistan through the USDA-funded FEEDing Pakistan project now in its third phase. The Field Day, organized by AMG Fish Feed, was attended by more than 100 participants including fish farmers, fisheries department officials, fish traders and investors. ASA/WISHH Country Representative, RSN Janjua, spoke about the value of soy-based floating feed during the event.

AMG Fish Feed started business in 2015, and is now the second company in Pakistan producing soy-based floating feed. The owner of AMG Fish Feed attended an ASA/WISHH FEEDing Pakistan Farmer Field Day in 2012 where he was first convinced of the value of soy-based floating feed. ASA/WISHH provided technical assistance to the company last year and will continue to support its efforts to produce soy-based floating feed.

Rohu Fish - FFD                                               Netting and viewing of Rohu fish fed soy-based floating fish feed.

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