ASA/WISHH follows up on food grade soybeans with Myanmar

ASA/WISHH is in North Dakota this week, learning more about the growing and handling of food grade soybeans, the contracting process and meeting with U.S. exporters. Rick Chase, ASA/WISHH’s in-country representative for Myanmar, is attending the course at the Northern Crops Institute (NCI) and will use the content to follow-up with Myanmar soymilk and tofu processors to facilitate future sales with U.S. exporters.

This is a follow-up activity to the food grade soybean USDA funded Quality Samples Program (QSP) that was conducted earlier this year. Seven food grade soybean varieties from three different U.S. exporters were sent to Myanmar. The varieties were tested by soymilk and tofu processors. Many of the processors are interested in learning more about U.S. food grade soybeans and obtain price quotes.

The Northern Food Grade Soybean Association (NFGSA) organized the course, with course funding provided by the North Dakota Soybean Council and Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council. USDA Market Access Program (MAP) funding was also used for Chases’ travel expenses.


Course participants visit the HFI processing plant in Moorhead, Minn. Credit: NCI

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