U.S. Soy Usage Grows in Ghana

ASA/WISHH Africa Regional Consultant Josh Neiderman met with WISHH West African market development partners, including local manufacturers who are driving growth for U.S. soy protein. Sub-Saharan African companies are working with WISHH to use high-quality U.S. raw soybean ingredients to make locally produced soy-based foods and feeds. Neiderman visited WISHH’s supply chain partner Yedent Agro Groups, which manufactures popular soy and corn-based foods for institutional and retail markets in Ghana. WISHH’s work with Yedent also encouraged the food company to expand into feed manufacturing. The win-win relationship exemplifies how WISHH connects trade and development by leveraging state soybean checkoff resources with USDA-funded programs. Yedent’s leaders have participated in multiple WISHH trainings in Africa as well as the United States. In addition, WISHH selected Yedent to receive a container of U.S. value-added soybean products through the USDA Quality Samples Program. Yedent also purchased U.S. whole soybeans under U.S. government monetization programs that are linked to WISHH’s USDA-funded AMPLIFIES Ghana poultry project.

In December, Yedent will commission a new line of extrusion processing equipment, made by Iowa company Insta-Pro International, which will allow Yedent to manufacture textured soy protein from imported U.S. defatted soy flour. Yedent’s new equipment will help the company fulfill their new memorandum of understanding with the Government of Ghana to sell soy-based foods to the Ghana National School Feeding Program. Ghanaian school feeding leaders as well as Yedent representatives participated in WISHH’s USDA and Indiana Soybean Alliance-funded 2018 institutional meals training, which increased awareness of the benefits of soy protein for Ghana’s school meals program. Yedent will also sell the product in Ghana’s commercial markets.

Yedent also recently began processing whole soybeans acquired under a U.S. government commodity monetization program to Ghana in support of WISHH’s AMPLIFIES Ghana. The commercial transaction led to the shipment of 6,000 MT of whole soybeans of which Yedent was a partial buyer. Ghanaian companies are processing the whole soybeans to make crude soybean oil and full fat extruded soybean meal for the local poultry industry.

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Top locally purchased and produced Ghanaian soybeans delivered to Yedent vs. Bottom: US soybeans delivered to Yedent

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