ASA-WISHH takes trade message to a food security conference

The Chicago Council for Global Affairs invited Jim Hershey, Executive Director WISHH at the ASA,  to join industry leaders on a panel entitled “Still in the U.S. Interest: Global Agricultural Development in the 21st Century” at the 2017 Global Food Security Symposium in Washington DC on March 30. The message from Hershey and the panel, which included an executive from Cargill, a rancher from California and the head of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition, was clear: the world’s food needs both now and in the future will be met by continued growth in agricultural output and trade. Growing populations and economies seek better food (especially protein) and most countries need to fill the deficits in their local production with trade. While short term, emergency needs must be met with food aid, the longer term solutions are in the hands of farmers around the world, and the trading network that keeps supply chains, animals and people fed.  The Chicago Council also featured ASA’s WISHH on their guest blog. Read it HERE.



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