2014 Midwest Workshop

The 2014 Midwest Workshop—made possible thanks to DuPont, the John Deere Foundation, INSTA-PRO International, CHS, NSRL and Qualified State Soybean Boards (QSSBs)—attracted over 80 attendees from over a dozen countries.The organizations represented at the workshop use a combined total of over 56,000 tons of soy per year (not including those who were unable to provide an estimate). Over 21 of the organizations also reported that their soy is imported from the United States.A large number of participants expressed interest in understanding soy and the industry better, including ways to promote the consumption and commercialization of soy within their countries. Other key interests of many attendees were to gain knowledge on developing and introducing soyfoods/products into school nutrition programs and acquiring skills to better manage the many aspects of these programs.


Participants from around the world that were attending the 2014 ASA/WISHH Midwest Workshop had the opportunity to visit Illinois Soybean Association Director Doug Schroeder’s farm in Bellflower to see U.S. soybean fields firsthand. Doug fielded questions related to his farm operations, the soybean value chain, production and yields, equipment, and agricultural biotechnology.


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