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News Highlights & Activities

SARAI 2014 Mechanization Efforts
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ASA/WISHH Visits Midwest Land Grant Universities and Kansas Soybean Commission
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ASA’s WISHH details successes in soy trade with Africa

ASA/WISHH Program Consultant Travels to Ghana and Cote d’ Ivoire

ASA/WISHH in Washington, D.C. Meetings on Africa

ASA/WISHH Hosts Seminar in Guatemala

ASA/WISHH Sends Technical Consultant to Guatemala

Frontline News May-June Issue
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ASA/WISHH Hosts Africa Trade Team for Workshop, Industry and Farm Visits
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ASA/WISHH Staff Visit Schools in Maputo Province to Monitor Component of Education Project
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ASA/WISHH and KSU Send Technical Consultant to Pakistan
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ASA/WISHH Hosts Baking Seminar in Nicaragua
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ASA Salutes Army Colonel Doug Rose for Support of WISHH in Afghanistan
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WISHH on YouTube
Colonel Doug Rose on USDA-funded Soybeans for Ag Renewal in Afghanistan Initiative SARAI
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The World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (WISHH), a program of the American Soybean Association (ASA), brings the benefits of U.S. soy protein to developing countries where it can make a difference in lives today and in the future. Over 800 million people worldwide, including 200 million children are undernourished.  Soy is well suited to provide the protein, calories and other nutritional needs of such people. 

The creation of WISHH in 2000 by U.S. soybean growers showed their concern for the undernourished around the globe. Since its creation, WISHH has been enhancing the protein intake of many nations through market development, education and research. 

WISHH also understands that developing nations of today are tomorrow's customers for U.S. soy.  All of the top 10 export countries for U.S. soy is a current or former recipient of U.S. foreign aid assistance.

WISHH and Global Development

The WISHH program focuses technical transfer and behavior change efforts on weak links in agricultural value chains, delivering growth to local economies and improved nutrition to people and animals. By addressing the development areas outlined in the document below, WISHH is at the center of global development.

WISHH & Global Development: 2013 At-A-Glance

"Soy Goes Global Inside New Nutritious, Delicious Foods"

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WISHH Soy Value Pyramid

WISHH is pleased to introduce its newly revised WISHH Soy Value Pyramid to illustrate how soy generates both nutrition and economic growth in developing countries.

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WISHH Soy Value Pyramid

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