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Liz Hare to Lead as WISHH Executive Director

Effective October 22, Liz Hare takes the reins as WISHH Executive Director. Hare joined WISHH in 2011 and has held multiple positions within the organization, including program manager of the FEEDing Pakistan aquaculture program, director of the Latin America division, and most recently, deputy director. Prior to joining WISHH, Liz…

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ASA/WISHH follows up on food grade soybeans with Myanmar

ASA/WISHH is in North Dakota this week, learning more about the growing and handling of food grade soybeans, the contracting process and meeting with U.S. exporters. Rick Chase, ASA/WISHH’s in-country representative for Myanmar, is attending the course at the Northern Crops Institute (NCI) and will use the content to follow-up…

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